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Annual Full Flying Membership is £220, or £110 for students, juniors, family and country members. prices


New members are provided with a starter pack, which includes:


  • Log Book and Progress Card
  • Laws and Rules for Glider Pilots
  • Introduction to Gliding
  • Copy of the Club Constitution

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    The following 'Reach for the Sky' Packages are also available


  • £179 for 30 winch launches saving 15% or about 5 free launches
  • £249 for 45 winch launches saving 20% or about 10 free launches.

    We will shortly be adding the capabiltity to purchase gift vouchers for Full Flying Membership on-line


    'Reach for the Sky' packages must be purchased within 30 days of joining and are valid for 1 year only. Soaring fees are excluded.